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Jul 15, 2017 21:34


Today is the 100th day of the launch of our platform on-line since the opening of registrations. You probably already noticed that our PR-team did not launch an advertising campaign for development and promotion during this cycle, which means that your path of unity with SYNTHA is just beginning!


What awaits you?

We will uncover small plans of PR strategy and development from SYNTHA.ONE for 2017-2018:


"Think globally" - integration of more than 12 language versions of the SYNTHA platform.

"Wide borders" - promotion and development in more than 30 countries around the world, according to the first phase of development.

"The Way of Unity" is the creation of a broad network of representatives with the possibility of communication and favorable terms of cooperation.

"Convenience and accessibility" - expansion of available payment systems for investors.

"Exclusiveness in work" - increase of limits on affordable tariffs, as well as presentation of new, flexible and attractive investment plans.

"The power of unity" - accessibility in all known soc. Networks, the availability of free chat rooms, various promotions and creative contests for subscribers with valuable prizes and cash rewards.

"Freshness and Brightness" - platform presentation, hot line of support, online helpers, as well as fresh rebranding from the team of professional designers SYNTHA ART with new accessible information sections on our platform.

"Above the stars" - fixing on the TOP positions on the leading countries, presentations of the SYNTHA | PAY, SYNTHA | TALK, SYNTHA | MOBILE, SYNTHA | TOP, SYNTHA | STAR, SYNTHA | UNION, SYNTHA | MOVIE, etc. options.


Great news for investors, today you can get 10% as a bonus on any new deposit in your account. The offer is valid from 00:00 Moscow time to 23:59 Moscow time on July 16, 2017.

Still thinking? Time to be with SYNTHA, the success story begins NOW.