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Rules & Agreements

The "SYNTHESIS GLOBAL LIMITED" (hereinafter referred to as the "Company" ) offers a natural person (hereinafter referred to as the "User" ), who expressedconsent with the current Agreement conditions and duly registered in accordance with the current Agreement clauses 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4, to conclude this Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement" ) on the following terms:

This Agreement governs relations of the Project participants (the Company and the User) concerning the use of the Investment Project named «SYNTHA.ONE» (hereinafter referred to as the "Project" ). The project is available on a web-site https://SYNTHA.ONE and other domains, owned by the Company as its intellectual property, and also all its subdomains (hereinafter referred to as the "Project Sites") in the Internet.

Accepting these Agreement conditions the User agrees to follow all its terms. The User's assent with these Agreement regulations is a compulsory condition for his participation in the Project, for his registration as a Project participant and for the use of any free and paid services provided by the Company within the framework of the Project.

When accepting these Agreement conditions the User confirms that he is capable and competent and has the right to conclude this Agreement. The Company may change this Agreement without any special notice of the User by publishing the actual version of the Agreement on Project Sites.

Also, we do not rule out the possibility of contacting you on third-party websites (social networks, investment forums, etc.) where we publish our content (e.g. FACEBOOK.COM, INSTAGRAM.COM, VK.COM, TELEGRAMM). Beware: SYNTHESIS GLOBAL LIMITED has no control over third-party websites, and these Terms of Use do not cover websites which do not belong to us. Please read the terms of use published on third-party websites.


The design, text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio and video content, their selection and arrangement, and all software on the websites are protected by copyright (C) 2015-2017 SYNTHESIS GLOBAL LIMITED. The compilation (collection, arrangement and editing) of all content on the website is the exclusive property of SYNTHA.ONE (c) and is protected by international copyright law.

1.1. The rights of Project designers and owners beneficially owned by the Company and protected by the legislation of intellectual property and copyright protection. This protection refers to Project regulations, texts, images (pictures, patterns, graphics), program codes and other copyright objects.
1.2. The Company reserves the sole right to create derivative software programs (products) based on the Project. Any derivative software programs (products) based on the Project can't be created by anyone else without special preliminary permission written by the Company including (but not restricting):
• Reproduction, modification, distribution, publication and translation into other languages any components of the Project or/and the Project itself;
• Adding other components to the Project;
• Creation of program derivatives from the Project software;
• Selling, leasing, concession or transfer to the third party in any other forms the rights concerning Project materials and software.
1.3. Besides the User has no right:
• To exploit the Project software errors. If such errors are found the User immediately has to notify the Company about this.
• To change the Project program codes;
• To modify the service for the purpose of unauthorized access to the computer system;
• To crack and steal other users Usernames;
• To provide links of web-sites containing elements causing computer misoperation, or serving for getting illegal access to other users Usernames;
• To act in a way that may cause damage of the Project (including intactness of equipment, software and database owned by the Company).

2. General regulations

2.1. «SYNTHA.ONE» is an Investment Project allocated in the Internet on web-site https://Syntha.One and other domains owned by the Company as an intellectual property.
2.2. In accordance with this Agreement the Company provides the following services to the User:
• 2.2.1. Access to the Personal Profile of the Project and possibility to participate in investment activity;
• 2.2.2. Access to the informational resources of the Project;
• 2.2.3. Access to other services and activities available within the framework of the Project.
2.3. The Project description, Project Regulations, Investment regulations and other supplemental information is available on Project Sites sections. They are an integral part of this Agreement and should be obligatory followed by the User.
2.4. The User has to pay for his computer software and Internet connection himself.

3.Agreement & Fraud protection

When accepting payments, our specialists monitor all transactions for possible fraud and any other unauthorized or illegal activities. We reserve the right to reject a payment in case of suspected fraud, unauthorized or illegal activities. These measures are aimed at protecting our clients and our company from fraud and any other illegal activity. Each investor can register only one account, where he/she can create an unlimited number of deposits. Multi-accounting is not allowed. Multi-accounting it is registration in system with the aim of fraud on an affiliate program. Accounts of users who have the same IP, payment details, secret question/answer can be suspended until circumstances are clarified. In case of suspected fraud or multi-accounting, SYNTHESIS GLOBAL LIMITED Company reserves the right to suspend or block account access for violating investors.SYNTHESIS GLOBAL LIMITED shall not be liable for any losses caused by sharing passwords or by personal data theft. We strongly recommend that you keep as secure as possible your data that is required for authentication and access to your personal profile and settings. Do not disclose your personal data to third parties.

3.1. When the User accepts this Agreement every condition of the Agreement is applied to him.
3.2. According to these Agreement conditions the Company gives the User a right to use the Project twenty-four-hour in accordance with the Project regulations. This doesn't extend to the cases when preventive maintenance and other situations, preventing the User to get access to the Project through no fault of the Company, take place. The Company reserves the right to change the functioning schedule and conditions of the Project.
3.3. The Company reserves the right to change the Project regulations, funds investment conditions and/or dividends received from investment. In this case the Company notifies the User by means of information allocation on the project Sites.
3.4. Investment to the Project (shares buying of Investment Object) is fulfilled in accordance with Investment conditions allocated in a specific section on the Project Site.
3.5. If the User violates the Agreement (including Investment conditions) the Company has the right to forbid him further using the Project and/or sanction him including (but not restricting): warning, temporary locking of User's Username, permanently erasing User's Username, claim for compensation or other sanctions.

4. Rights and obligations of the User

4.1. The user has the right to use the Project for personal advantage only in accordance with the Project conditions.
4.2. The User has to undergo registration procedure: to fill the registration form, to agree with the User Agreement conditions.
4.3. The User agrees to provide truthful, accurate and exact information about himself concerning spheres mentioned in registration form. He also agrees to keep this information relevant.
4.4. The User chooses his own Username and Password during registration which will allow the system to identify the User from other Project Users. The Company has the right to inhibit the use of certain Usernames and/or withdraw them from use.
4.5. The User has to provide non-disclosure of his Password and other relevant data and bears responsibility for safety and security of his own Username and Password and also for all the risks and losses connected with it.
4.6. The User can issue a claim, comments, propositions and regards connected with the Project usage in the form of electronic letter sent to the Company's address which is mentioned on the Project Site.
4.7. Every User has the right to exit the Project voluntary at any time and on particular and convincing grounds.
4.8. On demand of the Company the User has to provide exact information about himself with the help of which the process of identification of the Username's owner is possible.
4.9. The User has to contact the Company in case when he discovered that his Username or/and Password were cracked.
4.10. The User promises to respect and treat other Project participants and Company's representatives friendly.
4.11. The User has no right to restrict access of other Users to the Project or prevent them from using it.

5.Refund policy and Rights of the company

Despite the fact that all investments are final, the company's return policy allows each user to apply for a full refund of the invested money less profits. All requests to return the funds are processed and scrutinized in strict terms of up to 30 calendar days.SYNTHESIS GLOBAL LIMITED reserves the right to reject any refund request not supported with evidence, based on a decision of the technical department, and in accordance with this agreement. Rights and obligations of the Company.

5.1. The Company commits himself not to deliberately disclose to the third party information about the User, which was given to him during registration, except for situations under the Law. The Company also promises not to change the User's Username and Password without his permission.
5.2. The Company doesn't guarantee uninterrupted functioning of the Project and doesn't bear responsibility for temporary technical deficiencies and stops in the Project work, communication lines or other similar deficiencies. He doesn't bear responsibility for troubles with the User's computer which was used to go online.
5.3. The Company is not liable in damages resulting from Project information usage or non-usage by the User.
5.4. The Company has the right to reduce the User's Personal Account in his reasonable discretion when he detects the User's unethical practice causing unjustified augmentation of his Personal Account.
5.5. The Company bears no responsibility to his User for other Users actions.
5.6. The company has the right to refuse the deposit without giving any reasons, to further his return to the account of the payment system with which he entered.
5.7. The Company has the right in his absolute discretion and without giving any reason to take any measures not contradicting legislation for reducing and stopping access to the Project by the Users violating this Agreement or Project conditions.
5.8. Accepting this Agreement the User agrees to receive informational letters sent by the Company (including but not restricting: news, notifications, summons, reminders, warnings, system messages) to the address given in User's registration form or via any other way (including response message confirming provision of requested Service for the User by the Company) if it is connected with service specificity of a certain payment service provider chosen by the User.

6. Other conditions

By agreeing with the Terms of Use, you automatically confirm that you are of legal age in the country of your citizenship and your use of this website does not violate the laws of your state. All materials and information provided by SYNTHA.ONE is intended only for personal, educational and informational purposes. Any financial transactions executed under this agreement shall be deemed final and irreversible. In order to prevent fraud and/or cheating, it is strictly prohibited to create multiple accounts and/or use shared payment systems for different users. If any such abuse is discovered, SYNTHESIS GLOBAL LIMITED reserves theright to cease all partner accruals and suspend such accounts for 30-90 days. Any violation of this agreement or any of its clauses may entail a permanent account suspension for 90 days.

6.1. The Company doesn't guarantee that the Project software doesn't contain errors or functions uninterruptible; all the defects will be eliminated; the service will satisfy the User's demands and provided uninterruptible, surely, quickly and without errors; the quality of every product, service or information etc. received by means of the Project will satisfy the demands and/or aims of the User.
6.2. The Company is not liable in losses or other damages for the User resulting from the third party activity including activity of former Company employees.
6.3. The Company reserves the right to delete any information or materials from his server if in Company's opinion they are regarded as inappropriate, undesirable or violating the Agreement.
6.4. The Company has the right in his reasonable discretion and at any time to increase or change the service quality without any preliminary notice of the User. The Company has the right in his reasonable discretion and at any time to change the Agreement conditions.
6.5. This Agreement comes into effect when the User accepts it during his registration procedure in the Project. The User agrees that he preliminary and in full volume acquainted himself with these Agreement conditions and accepts them without any exceptions.
6.6. The Agreement is made for the term of one year with further possible automatic prolongation.