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Frequently Asked Questions



SYNTHA.ONE is an online investment platform who was appointed representative of SYNTHESIS GLOBAL LIMITED who are authorised and regulated by the United Kingdom Company House Authority under firm reference number 9630786. This information can be verified on the Company House* website. Registered office, 74, BELSIZE ROAD, London, United Kingdom, NW6 4TG.

Who manages the investment portfolio on SYNTHA?

The investment portfolio is managed by our specialists with strong team in FOREX & CC, which allows effective analysis of the situation.

What do I need to do to become a client of SYNTHA?

To become a client of SYNTHA you need to open a free account. It doesn't take much time, but you will get an opportunity to become an investor and earn profit. Please check our «Get Started» page for more details.
Please note that, by agreeing to the Terms of Use during the registration procedure, you automatically confirm that you are legal age and using our platform by you don`t violate any laws of your country.

Can I have several open accounts in the system?

Each investor can register only one account, where he/she can create an unlimited number of deposits. Multi-accounting is not allowed. We will freeze any funds in such accounts and block access to them. In case of suspected fraud or multiaccounting, SYNTHESIS GLOBAL LIMITED reserves the right to block or prevent account access for violating investors.

Can my family join with one PC and one Ip?

Yes, You can have an unlimited number of accounts from other people, as long as they are not interconnected with referral links.

What should I do immediately after accessing my account?

You can explore the system functions, set up personal information and specify you payment system details. Please note that payment details are save permanently, and if you want to change them, you will need to contact our customer support. This is a precaution, to protect our investors in case criminals obtain access to their accounts.

Is my information safe?

We protect any information you give us.

How secure is your website and my account data?

We have a wide range of security measures to protect your account. Our website is protected against DDoS attacks, all transferred data are SSL-encrypted and we use a licensed script, also we are using a few of online security certificates, you are able to see most of them in our main page. Our website is located on a dedicated server.


Which e-currencies do you accept?

For your convenience, we accept: Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, QIWI WALLET, NixMoney, Neteller, Payza, VISA/MC.

What is the minimum/maximum amount that I can invest?

The minimum amount of investment is only $1. Please note that the maximum amount of one deposit is $100.000. Each investor can have only one of deposits for each balance.

What is the minimum/maximum amount that I can cash out?

There are no maximum limits on cash-outs, minimal amount is $1. You can cash out any amount from balance in your account.

How can I top up my account and create a deposit in the SYNTHA system?

Find the Make Deposit tab on the main page of your account then chose investment plan. You can select the top-up method which is the most convenient for you, enter the desired amount, and complete the transfer. The deposit will be registered automatically.

How soon will my deposit be added to my account?

Your account will be updated as soon as you deposit. Accounts are topped up according to the rules applied by the payment system, in most cases, instantly. As soon as the transfer is complete and the money is credited to the companyʼs wallet, a deposit will be opened automatically in your investor account. For Bitcoin or QIWI deposits you should send actual amount to shown Bitcoin/QIWI wallet, because Bitcoin/QIWI network is not instant so your deposit time can take from 5 minutes up to 24 hours.

Can I deposit directly from my account balance?

You can make a deposit from your account balance. Simply log into your member account, click "Make Deposit" and select "Deposit" from "Account Balance" button.

Does the company charge any fees on top-ups or withdraws?

No fees are charged on top-ups or withdraws, however, your payment systems may charge fees on transfers.

After I make a withdrawal request, when will the funds be available on my e-currency account?

The funds are usually available from a few minutes but not more than 48 hours.

No money has been credited to my wallet. What can I do?

You should immediately contact our customer support at Ticket support, or our online assistant on the website.

Do you pay interest EVERY day or every BUSINESS day?

We pay interest on EVERY DAY.

Do you pay into my Account Balance or directly into my e-currency account?

We pay interest and referral commissions into your Account Balance.


What are the benefits of the referral program? How can I participate?

Our referral program will earn you additional income, by bringing new investors into the SYNTHA system. You need to make sure that the investors you refer use your referral link, which you can find in the Your Referrals section of your account.

Do you have an affiliate program?

The affiliate program uses multilevel referral commission which will pay 7% from each deposit of level 1 referrals, 2% from each deposit made by your level 2 referrals (people referred by your direct invitees) and 1% of each deposit made by your level 3 referrals (i. e. people referred by your level 2 invitees).

How will I receive my referral commission?

The referral commission is accrued to your account balance instantly. The referral bonus can only be withdrawn to the e-currency which your referral used to make their deposit, for example, if your referral used Bitcoin to open deposit, then you may only withdraw your referral bonus to Bitcoin.

How do you know that a new investor was introduced by me?

The referral system works during registration and is fully automatic. If an investor signs up via your referral link, the system will treat that investor as your referral.

I want to bring new investors into the SYNTHA, but I have not opened a deposit yet. Can I still participate in the referral program?

Yes, you can. You donʼt need an active deposit to participate in the referral program.

Do you pay referral commission on all deposits made by my referrals?

Yes, we pay referral commission on every deposit made by your referral.

I have referred a friend of mine to you, but I have not received a referral commission. Why?

The most probable reasons are:
- Your referral has opened an account with us, but has not yet made a deposit. Please note that we pay referral commission only after your referral has made a deposit.
- If your referral has already made a deposit and you were not listed as his/her referrer at that time, please ask him/her to contact us about this matter. We will then be able to pay you the referral commission.

I havenʼt found an answer to my question. What can I do?

If your question is not answered in the FAQs section, please contact the Support Team. Our Support Team will process your request immediately in max time limit for 48 hours. We also look forward to your feedback which we will use to improve our platform and website.